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Do you suffer joint, ligament or muscle pain? Let our fully-qualified team of osteopaths help you.

Osteopathy has long been recognized as a safe and non-invasive approach to relieving pain and treating health problems ranging from the trauma of childbirth to arthritis in the elderly.

Our osteopaths will work to improve your body's structure and function, thereby helping your health without the use of drugs or surgery.

Treatments involve gentle manual techniques, easing pain, relaxing muscles and improving joint mobility.

Don't let pain take over your life — come to see us today!

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Tension Headaches

It is generally recognized that a large proportion of headaches, 80 percent or more, start from stiffness and tension in the neck.


Foot Pain

The foot is an incredibly efficient piece of human engineering; a complex arrangement of 26 bones united by ligaments to form 33 separate joints.


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